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miss A’s ideal dates: Chocolate bath and video games

The K-Pop girl group tells xinmsn what they look for in men and describes their ideal Valentine’s Day date

Text & Photos: Joanna Goh
Video: Fiona Lin

miss A members Min and Suzy

Versatile and talented individuals, Fei, Jia, Min and Suzy from miss A can sing, dance, host and even act - just like most Korean girl groups today. But what makes these girls stand out from the strong K-Pop competition would be the group's unique mix of Chinese and Korean members and their consistent music style.

Their latest hit song from 2012, 'I Don't Need a Man', was a marked improvement and an upgrade from their previous music releases; it also garnered positive feedback as fans celebrated their powerful and reinforced "independent" image from before.

Call them "independent girls" if you wish, but these girls are far from being feminists, so says Min at at their press conference in Singapore yesterday.

"I think I need a man someday - we all do. Sometime in the future, we want to get married and have kids too and we all need a man for that," she pointed out. And guys, to win their hearts, you need to have a "beautiful heart and soul", be able to "communicate" with them and have a "character that aligns with ours."

While they are upfront and candid with their replies on love and men, the quartet quickly morphed into a bunch of giggly high schoolers when we got them to describe their ideal dates and quizzed them on their Valentine's Day celebrations.

miss A in Singapore

miss A members from L-R: Fei, Min, Suzy and Jia

According to leader Jia, no romantic dates or love declarations were involved. In fact, it was Galentine's Day (Valentine's Day with girls) for them as they were immediately whisked to a publicity shoot when they landed in Singapore on Thursday, subsequently calling it a night after a group dinner with their 'eonnis' (older sisters) in the entourage.

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