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They may have portrayed a cute image since their debut last year, but up-and-coming Korean boy band Boyfriend wants to try out a sexier and edgier image next.

At the press conference before their fan meeting in the evening, the six-member group showed off their talents in various languages.

Leader Donghyun greeted the media in fluent Japanese, while Hyunseong introduced himself English. Maknae (youngest member) Minwoo said in Mandarin Chinese, "Hello everybody, we're Boyfriend."

Twins Kwangmin and Youngmin spoke in Korean and Thai respectively, while Jeongmin cheekily said, "Bonjour ... Boyfriend."

When asked if the members had any weird or unique habits, Donghyun let on, "Minwoo has a weird habit. He talks in his sleep, but the unique thing is, he talks and answers his own questions in his sleep."

At the fan-meet later in the evening, after an entertaining performance put on by Thai pop group B.O.P, screams exploded louder when the six-member group was introduced and took to the stage with their song 'Don't Touch My Girl'.


(L to R) Donghyun, Hyunseong, Minwoo from Boyfriend

During the Q&A segment, it was revealed that Jeongmin was not only the most playful member; he is also the most vain and untidy one.

"I'm not vain on normal days. I just want to show fans my most perfect side," he explained, and added, "It's not that I'm untidy, but I like to wait until the very last minute to clean up."

The best cook in the group goes to 19-year-old Hyunseong, whose best dish is spicy Korean rice cakes.

"I'd love to cook for the fans," the sweet guy told a swooning crowd.

Next, the members threw plush toys to the audience, before selecting six lucky fans to go on stage to play a game of drawing charade.


Whenever one group was focused on drawing and winning, the members on the other team would make cute gestures, wink cheekily at the cameras, wave to fans or make heart shapes with their hands, drawing shrieks and excitement from the crowd.

"We like playing games with fans," leader Donghyun spoke on behalf of the group, when the first game segment ended.

Fans from the winning team walked away with an individual Polaroid taken with the boy band, to the envy of the rest of the crowd.

After singing the ballad 'Confessions', Jeongmin said, "We're happy to be in Singapore. Have fun and enjoy! I love Singapore."

Each member also expressed their love for the local Best Friends (name of Boyfriend's official fan club).

"You're the best," Kwangmin said.

His twin Youngmin piped up, "Me too, I love you."

Donghyun and youngest member Minwoo both said 'I love you' in Korean and Chinese respectively.

Boyfriend then rounded up their show with two songs, 'You and I' and their debut single 'Boyfriend'.

At the end of the showcase, Donghyun said, "We're ending promotions for our third single soon. We hope to come to Singapore more often, so please look forward to that."

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