Zelo and Yong Guk from B.A.P

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With new groups debuting every other month in Korea, up-and-coming boy band B.A.P (which stands for 'Best Absolute Perfect') has made it their aim to clinch this year's Best Newcomer award.

Yesterday, the group -- consisting of leader Yong Guk and members Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Young Jae, Jong Up and Zelo -- met with the local media at a press conference before their joint fan meet with girl group and seniors Secret at night.

B.A.P might have made their debut only in January, but their first album Warrior sold more than 10,000 copies in just two days after its release and peaked at number 10 on Billboard's World Albums Chart, making them one of the boy bands to look forward to this year.

Their good results thus far had also prompted them to set a goal for themselves, and that is to win the Best Newcomer award at the year-end music award ceremonies in Korea this year; after all, it is an award one can only win once in their lifetime.


B.A.P wore matching blue suits and sported blond hair at the press conference, and member Dae Hyun shared an episode when one of their fans mistook him for the band's ulzzang (best-looking member) Him Chan.

"We were at the airport when a fan handed me a present, thinking I was Him Chan. She took it back when she realised she made a mistake! Sometimes we try to hide our faces, so that it's difficult to set us apart," he said.

However, the 19-year-old needn't feel bad at all because one 30-year-old Singaporean fan travelled all the way to Korea to see him, and even asked if she could call him 'oppa'. In Korea, younger girls call their elder brothers 'oppa'.

Daehyun said, "She was holding a placard at the airport yesterday; it's a pity we couldn't greet her properly."

When asked if the fan could call him 'oppa', the member replied firmly, "Of course, it'd be my honour," his seriousness elicited laughter from everyone present.

That same night, B.A.P met their fans on the roof garden at IMM and some lucky fans even had a little up-close and personal time with the members.

The group opened the night with the song 'Secret Love', before greeting the fans. After a change of clothes, six lucky fans were chosen to play a game of charades with B.A.P. Each B.A.P member was supposed to act, while their fans were to guess the words. Him Chan and his fan won the game, and the girl went home with an autographed CD and poster.


As leader Yong Guk will celebrate his 22nd birthday on Mar 31, fans surprised him with a birthday song first sung in Korean, then in English. The group's fan club also specially presented a cake to Yong Guk. When asked what his birthday wish was, Yong Guk said sweetly, "My birthday wish is to see the fans in Singapore; I've already had my wish fulfilled."

B.A.P then ended the night on a high note, with a strong and powerful performance of their debut single 'Warrior'.

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