16 March 2014 12:00
Seungri rebels against G-Dragon at S’pore fan meet

BIGBANG’s ‘Thinking of You’ event involved hit songs, dressing up and “twerking”

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Text: Tammi Tan
Photos: Launch Group
Video: Tay Yi Xuan and Teng Siew Eng

G-Dragon may be the leader of BIGBANG and be in-demand enough to command a whopping $1k for tickets to his last meet-and-greet in town (they sold out, by the way), but maknae (youngest member) Seungri certainly wasn’t going to let that dim his spotlight at last night’s Thinking of You fan meet, held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Taeyang’s renditions of ‘Superstar’, ‘I Need a Girl’, ‘Only Look at Me’ and ‘Ringa Linga’ kicked off the solo segments, before Seungri took to the stage to delight VIPs (which included Patricia Mok, who managed to score a picture with Seungri and G-Dragon, her favourite) with ‘Let’s Talk about Love’, ‘Gotta Talk to U’ and ‘Strong Baby’.

After his energetic performances, Seungri began to address the screaming crowd. “Are you guys happy to see me? I’m happy to see you,” he said. “Singapore always surprises me. I don’t know you, but I love you!”

Speaking in English, he went on to say that the last time he was here, his grasp of the language was “so horrible”. “Now I can speak, but I don’t understand very well, but my reactions are very good!” he said, demonstrating a series of exaggerated responses like “Really!? Oh my goodness!”

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