09 December 2012 09:53
SHINee grows up with second tour in Singapore

The five-member group shows their mature side and steps out of their comfort zone to put up a titillating SHINee World II concert in Singapore

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On top of their usual fanfare of pop and R&B tunes, SHINee further amplified the group’s maturity and eclectic identity by exploring new music boundaries and dipping their toes in a genre called grunge. They also attempted to push the envelope with a controversial performance involving handcuffs and “skinship” between Jonghyun and Taemin in ‘Internet Wars’.

If there’s one thing these grown-up boys from SHINee are dying to prove with their SHINee World II concert, it’s that they are a band made up of more than just pretty faces and generic pop tunes. And don’t start comparing them to their TVXQ! and Super Junior seniors for they are as different as chalk and cheese.

The five boys are determined in finding their footing through exploration and experimentation in different music genres, and they definitely drove this message home with rock-heavy performances and apt song selection at yesterday’s concert.

Our verdict? SHINee World II in Singapore is undoubtedly a stronger and upgraded stage of their 2011 concert. Never mind that the only song (apart from older ballads) we could sing along to and identify with belonged to the 70s (‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree’), we still enjoyed the boys’ fan service and fun-loving theatrics.

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