23 November 2012 07:00
SMTOWN Live World Tour III Singapore: Fan Projects

Here’s a list of fan projects for SMTOWN Live World Tour III Singapore compiled by xinmsn!

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Text: Dang Hui Ling
Compiled by: Lim Wen Ying
Photos: Fan clubs, Internet

With the Hallyu wave phenomenally invading Singapore in recent years, and as K-pop concerts are being organized more frequently than ever, the idols have brought along with them a unique concert-going culture.

Nowadays, attending concerts is not only about buying tickets and official merchandise. A 'protocol' among fans to fork out money and effort in preparing fan projects, such as hand-held banners, posters, and lightsticks, to be raised during different segments of the concert, has also evolved.

What the fans hope to achieve with their dedication and time spent on these projects, also termed as 'events', is to show their support for their idols, to attract their attention during the concert and to create a memorable impression.

Different fan clubs are often seen distributing their self-made fan support items at the concert venue before doors open, sometimes even giving out nicely printed photo cards for other fans to keep as mementos.

With K-pop's top acts set to rock the stage at SMTOWN Live World Tour III Singapore, fans of the various groups have not rested on their laurels. xinmsn has consolidated a list of projects that SMTOWN fans have prepared for the mega concert of the year.

Don't miss out on these goodies and the chance to show your love to your favourite idols!

SMTOWN Live World Tour III Singapore is organised by Running Into The Sun.

xinmsn is proud to be the official online media for SMTOWN Live World Tour III Singapore. Stay tuned to xinmsn for more updates!

SMTOWN Live World Tour III Singapore

Date: November 23, 2012 (Fri)
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: The Float @ Marina Bay
Ticket prices: S$268 (Cat 1 - VIP), S$238 (Cat 2 - Moshpit A), S$238 (Cat 3 - Moshpit B), S$238 (Cat 4 - Moshpit C), S$168 (Cat 5), S$168 (Cat 6), S$268 (Cat 7 - Premier)*Ticket prices exclude S$3 SISTIC fee (Only Category 5 & 6 left)

Tickets can be purchased via SISTIC online, phone and counter bookings in Singapore, Ticketcharge in Malaysia, and SISTIC Authorized Agents overseas.

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