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So Ji Sub: Just call me sexy

Actor, rapper and sexy boy – that’s what So Ji Sub wants to be known as

Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Ng Jia Yi
Video: Teng Siew Eng


So Ji Sub in Singapore

He came and went like the wind.

Still, that fleeting and less than 20 minutes appearance made by Master’s Sun actor, So Ji Sub at his open press event yesterday was more than enough to set the hearts of fans a-flutter. Every little wave, grin or gesture he did elicited ear-deafening screams from the easily excitable crowd of at least 200 local and international fan girls in City Square Mall.

The loudest fan response of the night came when the host teasingly asked ‘honestly, do you think you’re handsome?’ to which he unabashedly replied: “I think I prefer to be called sexy than handsome.”

The usually shy and reserved actor, who is currently in town for his first official fan-meeting tonight, served up a few laughs yesterday when he mimicked his hit character Joo Joong Won’s signature ‘get lost’ wave and fielded questions with bold answers, including the one above, which was unexpected to say the least, especially when he previously expressed a lack of confidence at filming sex scenes, like his BFF Song Seung Heon did in his new film, Obsessed.

And that was not the last we saw of his cheeky banter.

The sexy talk continued when he was forced to choose between having an “obedient girl” or a “sexy girl” for a girlfriend (see answer on the next page) and when the host asked the 36-year-old to choose a title he’d prefer to be known by – actor, rapper, or sexy boy.

So Ji Sub in Singapore

In yet another mischievous eyebrow-raising reply to the host, Ji Sub counter-asked defiantly, “Why is it necessary for me to choose one. Can’t I be all [three]?”

You don’t say.

Catch the sexy one at his inaugural fan-meeting in Singapore tonight at The Star Theatre. Tickets to So Ji Sub’s Let’s Have Fun in Singapore 2014 are priced at S$198, S$158, S$118 and S$68 (excludes booking fee) and are available at SISTIC.

Watch Master's Sun on ONE, Monday to Fridays at 6.25pm, starting August 26.

Read on for more excerpts from everyone’s favourite cold-hearted “Joo Joong Won”, and stay tuned to xinmsn for our upcoming coverage on his fan-meet tonight!

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