05 October 2013 01:00
The best ambassadors in the galaxy: Infinite

These seven Korean lads talk shop and go all out to please with infinite ageyo poses

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Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Lee Wei Lin
Videos: Teng Siew Eng and Tay Yixuan

Oh, what a difference three years makes.

When then-four-month-old K-pop band Infinite arrived on our sunny shores for their first overseas gig in 2010, they were “cold and hungry” young greenhorns, fresh-faced and all eager to please. There was no talk about restricted questions and no need to queue up or wait in line for an hour long - just to attend their press conference. Having achieved mainstream success (and come under the wings of S.M. Entertainment recently), they are no longer the nugus (or newbs) of yesteryears, but the reins over these seven boys have never been tighter than ever before.

Thankfully, these 20-something chaps are still a joy to interview – even if all they had to share were simply textbook answers about the new gadget in their hands. The light-hearted bantering between members and non-stop ageyo (cute poses) done for rows of squealing and giggly fan girls seated behind made for some of the best and most memorable moments at yesterday’s press conference held at Fairmont Singapore.

That and our mini discovery of the group’s main vocalist, Woo-hyun’s penchant for taking selca (self-camera) pictures. When xinmsn asked the members for their opinion, he was immediately dubbed as Infinite’s “Selca King” by the group’s rapper Dong-woo. "Woo-hyun's definitely a member who is so into taking photos," he said.

Throughout the 30-minute long press conference, all seven members from leader Sung-kyu to maknae Sung-jong, hammed it up for the cameras with pouts and grins, demonstrated the phone’s functions to the best of their abilities (responsible ambassadors, we say) and even took selcas non-stop (yes, that’s Woo-hyun for you). They were entertaining, to say the least. And it wouldn’t be a stretch to call them the best ambassadors. If we can walk out of this session armed with a whole bunch of information on a nine-day-old phone we don’t even use – it can only mean one thing: it’s a job well done on Infinite’s part, right?

Click on to check out these Korean lads’ infinite ageyo poses. You won’t be disappointed.

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Date: Saturday, October 5
Time: 7pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Tickets: $138, $168, $198, $228 (sold out), $268 (sold out) *excludes booking fee, available at SISTIC


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