27 February 2013 09:28
What’s next for “Little Psy” Hwang Minwoo

The energetic dancing prodigy is emerging from the shadows of Psy and ‘Oppan Gangnam Style’.

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Text and photos: Tammi Tan
Video: Fiona Lin

He may be just 8 years old, but Hwang Minwoo is already living the life of a bona fide K-pop superstar – performing in big cities around the world, endorsing products from top companies, and being recognised by strangers on the street.

The sprightly lad first made people sit up and take notice when he appeared in an episode of variety program Star King, and then later as a contestant on Korea’s Got Talent. Back then, he was labelled as ‘Little Shindong’, as he closely resembled a mini version of the Super Junior member. Now, he’s known far and wide as ‘Little Psy’, the boy who made a brief but very memorable appearance at the beginning of Psy’s phenomenal music video ‘Gangnam Style’ (the very first video to hit 1 billion views on YouTube).

Could all this lavish attention be getting too overwhelming for someone so tender-aged? Not at all. The peppy pint-sized performer, who is here in Singapore to kick off LG’s pop-up café with a short dance gig tonight, admitted to xinmsn through an interpreter that he’s very happy with his newfound fame.

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