06 July 2013 03:00 | By Dang Hui Ling
Who is the most trigger happy K-Pop idol on Instagram?

Are your favourite idols entertaining enough to make our list?

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An increasing number of K-Pop idols have made their ‘debut’ on Instagram in the past few months. Besides sharing behind-the-scenesphotos or snaps from their everyday lives, some have wittily used Instagram to tease their fans with new releases, or to announce concert dates, sometimes even before the media break the news.
With the updated “InstaVideo” feature, fans not only get to ogle at their favourite idols, but also see them in motion and in real time.
While the list of celebrities on Instagram is non-exhaustive, there are some big players in the game that you should not miss out on, if you are not already “following” them.
Are your idols “happening” enough to make the list? Click on to find out!
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