28 April 2013 10:45
Who is the real Hyun Bin?

The 30-year-old actor got up close and personal with fans at his maiden local fan meeting

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Text: Lee Wei Lin
Photos: Faith & D
A white top, black pants, sneakers, ponytail and bag – not quite the description you would expect from someone like Hyun Bin when asked to describe his ideal type. The 11 lucky girls who happened to fit the bill, however, were the first of many to be whisked away on-stage to come up close and personal with the hunky actor.
Despite being one of the hottest A-list Korean celebrities, Hyun Bin retains his humility, talking freely about his insecurities as an actor. “I find comedic scenes harder to do than kissing or crying scenes (because) I worry about how I can show a funny side to the audience. What I think is funny might not be so to those who are watching it.” In comparison, the 30-year-old quipped that he “doesn’t do any special preparation” for kissing scenes such as his famous ‘Cappuccino Foam Kiss’ scene in Secret Garden.
“If there’s one thing I do, it’s to avoid eating strong-smelling food prior to having the kiss scene. (However), if I really do eat it, I’ll get the other party to eat it as well,” he laughed. Sharing about his role in one of his earliest hit dramas, My Lovely Sam Soon, he mused, “I got slapped more than 100 times in that drama. I remember thinking to myself, ‘Sam Soon (actress Kim Suna) is pretty strong for a girl.’” After pausing to think about his painful experience, he added, “There's no way to avoid getting slapped so you just have to prepare yourself for it."
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