Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch


Starring: Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna, Alexander Skarsgård, Liam Neeson

Directed by: Peter Berg

Why watch it: Taylor Kitsch (in uniform) vs aliens on Earth!

The low-down: A fleet of US cruisers defends Earth against an ET incursion. Think Battle: Los Angeles, but on water. Based on a board game by Hasbro, the creator of Transformers.

The buzz: The last time a board game got turned into a movie was 1985’s Cluedo. Yes, that was a long time ago (and it wasn’t even a hit) and you can understand why: unlike video games, board games are static, so they don’t really lend themselves to the film medium. (Ridley Scott had plans for Monopoly: The Motion Picture, but that project has since been placed on the back burner.) That said, Hasbro is hoping that the US$250 mil gamble could be — judging from the destruction-packed trailer (Hongkong’s Bank of China Tower goes kaput) — this year’s Transformers. It looks big, noisy and extremely lucrative. Just the kind of brain-dead movies to kick start the American summer.

Opens: Apr 19