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Tuesday, 30 October 2012 17:01

First Look: Lincoln


Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Why watch: The ’Berg does a prestige (read: Oscar-friendly) film about the 16th President of the United States.

The low-down: It’s about the last four months of Abraham Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) in office before his assassination.

The buzz: This isn’t going to be a put-you-to-sleep, stuffy textbook biopic, assures Steven Spielberg, who at one point was developing his passion project with Liam Neeson as the iconic head of state. He says, “[It’s about] Lincoln at work, not just standing around posing for the history books … doing some of the greatest work for the world.” And some of that “greatest work” includes the abolishment of slavery. (No, slaying vampires isn’t on his CV, thank you very much.) And as the commander-in-chief, Day-Lewis is also doing some of his greatest work. “He is very much deeply invested and immersed throughout the day when he’s in character,” says one producer. In fact, he so embodied Honest Abe’s persona that even Spielberg addressed the reclusive actor/amateur cobbler as “Mr President”. Is there room on DDL’s mantle for a third Oscar? (He’s won before for My Left Foot and There Will Be Blood.)

Opens: Feb 21, 2013

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