Lay The Favorite

Release Date: 29 Nov 2012
Genre: Comedy
Director: Stephen Frears
Bruce Willis
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Joshua Jackson


Based on Beth Raymer's memoir "Lay the Favorite: A Memoir of Gambling", this dramedy is centred on a 30-something woman who becomes involved with lightning-paced world of legal - and illegal - sports gambling. When unpredictable dreamer Beth, an in-home stripper in Tallahassee gets the job as a gambler's assistant in Las Vegas for Dink, one of the most successful gamblers in the business; she takes to the work like a natural. Her only downfall is falling for Dink, much to the chagrin of his retired showgirl wife, Tulip. Against Dink's protests, Beth goes to work for the flamboyant, unstable Rosie who runs a less-than-legal operation in NYC, then for his doomed hyper-speed online sports book in the betting Babylon of Curacao. When Beth's risky gambles result in her innocent boyfriend threatened with prison, she must reunite with Dink, face up to the fearsome Tulip, risk jail, and return to NYC to confront responsibilities. Can she beat the odds and win the day?