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Wednesday, 03 October 2012 11:15 | By Genevieve Loh

Three To See

Taken, Taken and Taken again

Taken 2

Taken 2

When the action-thriller Taken was released in 2008, it was one of the surprise hits of that year, and successfully redefined Liam Neeson as a no-nonsense action hero. Which obviously brings us to the inevitable sequel. But being kidnapped once is unfortunate; twice is just careless. And director Olivier Megaton, taking over from Pierre Morel, is determined that things play out differently this time.








1. NEW PLOT: This time round, Neeson's former government agent Bryan Mills is taken instead, along with his ex-wife (Famke Janssen), by the father of one of the men Mills killed the first time round. Mills quickly escapes and spends the rest of the film racing around Istanbul trying to recover his wife with the help of his daughter (Maggie Grace), while ensuring the bad guys can never target his family again.

2. OLD HERO: Looks like Mills' particular set of skills hasn't got rusty in three years. One thing everyone can agree on is that Neeson's one-man juggernaut of guns and fists is a cinematic force of nature to rival Charles Bronson in Death Wish and Bruce Willis in Die Hard. "I never thought I'd be here for a sequel," he said in an interview. "You'll do anything for your kids, especially if they're in trouble. I think people just connected with that, on a real, visceral gut level ... and yes, I would do the exact same thing for my kids."

3. NEW LOCATION: Moving the shoot to Istanbul was crucial in ensuring that the film had a distinct new personality. It's also a location not especially well-represented in modern cinema. Said Megaton: "Istanbul has never been shot like this before. It's a passing location, somewhere you land and you take off very quick. Staying here, trying to go inside the town, it's a whole new thing because it's a very organic town. There is history all around. This ambiance creates a huge playground for the story."

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