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2Yoon – Harvest Moon

The 4minute sub-unit has bigger shoes to fill in future releases


Text: Joelle Chong

The best thing that can come out of deviating from their initial group and forming a sub-unit is the surprise that comes along with that separation; and that is what 2Yoon, made up of Gayoon and Jiyoon of 4minute, brings us in their debut release Harvest Moon.

Title track ‘24/7’ opens with a distinct oriental sound, probably the zither, before the strong thumping of drums transforms the track into a bold dance track. The catchy melody has us swaying along in no time and the freshness of the song no doubt makes it one of the better songs in K-Pop in recent years.

If the previous song did not fully showcase the girls’ vocal prowess, follow-up track ‘Nightmare’ does just that. The girls’ vocals shine right through the emotional R&B-pop song, which features BTOB’s resident rapper Ilhoon, who steals little of the limelight away from the duo, although his rap provides an adequate amount of angst to the song.

Harvest Moon allows 2Yoon to step out of their group’s usual image and comfort zone, to take on more challenging roles.

Take for example the rock anthem ‘Why Not’, which involved a lot more shouting and screaming. One couldn’t help but worry about their ‘live’ performances; but that worry diminishes as you watch the girls on stage, giving their all in this three-minute number.

The album may be a mini album with only five tracks, but it is just enough to show what 2Yoon can do and their potential to grow as a sub-unit. And now, we hope that this will not just be a one-off stint.

Recommended tracks: ‘24/7’, ‘Nightmare’, ‘SeSeSe’

Rating: 4

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