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Aaron Yan – The Moment

The Fahrenheit member forges his own path with his second solo effort

Aaron Yan

2.5 stars

Text: Lee Wei Lin

The Moment is Aaron Yan’s second solo offering, which racks in at a grand total of 10 tracks – out of which most of them are ballads or mid-tempo songs – a stark contrast to Fahrenheit’s brand of upbeat, high-energy tracks. While his vocals are arguably the best out of the group, the 26-year-old still has a long way to go before he can count himself a vocal heavyweight.

The opening track, ‘Memorandum’, is a mid-tempo pop-rock tune that compliments his voice well. The title track is a typical ballad and is so generic that he struggles to let his personality shine through. The musical arrangement for the album is stellar, accentuating his voice but sometimes overwhelming it altogether.

‘Maybe You Still Love Me’ is a remake of Pink’s ‘I Don’t Believe You’, and although cleverly done to compliment his style, lacks the emotional factor that was necessary to catapult this song to the hauntingly beautiful masterpiece that it could have been.

At first listen, the songs are forgettable and blend in well – in fact, too well – with each other. The Moment is by no means jarring on the ears but neither is it something that would be at the top of your to-listen list.

Recommended tracks: ‘Memorandum’

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