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Angela Chang - Visible Wings

The Taiwanese singer brings herself back to her feet with latest release ‘Visible Wings’

Angela Chang

3.5 stars

Text: Joelle Chong

Taiwanese singer Angela Chang returns to the music scene with her 7th album Visible Wings, after she was plagued with family problems the last few years. Her comeback was met with support from friends in the industry, including Sodagreen’s Tsing-feng and F.I.R’s Real, both of whom had contributed to the album.

Opening the album is the feisty electro-dance anthem ‘That Girl’, the strong rhythm and good use of the synthesizer creates a melody, apt in announcing the singer’s long-awaited comeback. Other dance fillers included ‘Jiang Bu Ting’ and ‘Wang Zi Bing’, all of which the 30-year-old pulled off well and showcased her singing versatility.

‘Lin Yu Yi Zhi Zou’, which literally translates to “keep walking in the rain”, is a feel-good track composed of uplifting reggae-inspired melody and inspirational lyrics; while the ballad ‘Wo Mei Gai Bian’ is performed by an orchestra, bring out the depth of emotions in the lyrics, penned by Sodagreen’s Tsing-feng, which seemed to have drawn inspiration from Angela’s family feud.

Guitar-led ballad ‘If I’m The One for You’ pales in comparison with the rest of the tracks on the album on the first listen, but seems to grow on you over time. Nonetheless, something is still seemingly lacking on this track, though it may have been caused by the somewhat subtle melody.

While there is nothing to nitpick from the album, we only have one problem -- there is not a single song that stood out. Visible Wings is no doubt a well-produced album; unfortunately, it is as forgettable as it is good.

Recommended tracks: ‘Lin Yu Yi Zhi Zou’, ‘Wo Mei Gai Bian’, ‘That Girl’

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