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B1A4 – In the Wind

The boys shed their cute image for a more matured look in their latest release


Text: Joelle Chong

Five-member Korean boy band B1A4 debuted in 2011 with ‘O.K’, earning the hearts and moolahs of noonas (Korean term for ‘elder sister’) everywhere, but the group is obviously going for a more matured look, feel and sound in their latest album In the Wind.

Title track ‘Lonely Footsteps’ is an emotional dance track, written and composed by Jinyoung and rapper Baro. Featuring a unique dance which makes full use of a long bench, B1A4 shows off their suave and charismatic side, as they croon of a love long gone. Baro’s rapping on the track stands out especially, not only in this song but also from rappers from other idol groups.

The quintet sings about searching for their special one in follow-up track ‘If … (I Got You)’, an uplifting song that is the direct opposite of its sad lyrics. The R&B ballad ‘I Wouldn’t Be Bad’ is infused with jazz elements and features a heart-wrenching narration by miss A’s Suzy, who succeeds in tugging our heartstrings with just her voice.

Not only does the album contain songs composed by the members themselves, leader Jinyoung also put out a solo ‘Be My Girl’, which features Jea from girl group Brown Eyed Girls. The R&B ballad has a strong rhythm that makes one want to sway along on the dance floor; the addition of Jea’s vocals is a stroke of genius that helped to add colour to the track.

Gone are B1A4’s cutesy days. One may even say the group is growing at such an exceptional rate that other idol groups should most definitely be on their toes.

Recommended tracks: Lonely Footsteps, I Wouldn’t Be Bad, What Do You Fancy?

Rating: 3.5

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