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Bridget Mendler – Hello My Name Is…

She is just another one from the Disney factory

Bridget Mendler

2.5 stars

Text: Sherman Yang

Move over Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez! The Disney factory has churned out another actress/singer. Or maybe she’ll fade into oblivion like Raven or Ashley Tisdale (does anyone even remember them?).

The album opens with the album’s first single ‘Ready Or Not’, which has a rather catchy chorus with admittedly silly lyrics that sounds like a kid is playing hide-and-seek.

Follow-up track ‘Forgot To Laugh’ is even more lyrically advanced, sounding like a scorned high-school teenage girl (cue the overly attached girlfriend meme). Then again, Mendler is only 19 and seeing as she co-wrote all the songs on the album, it explains a lot. The first two tracks on the album are on the whole still fun and happy tracks that kids can party to but with sadly bimbotic lyrics.

Listening to the entire album in one sitting might be a challenge as the tracks start to sound the same after a while with their seemingly similar melodies and arrangements. Ballads like ‘Hold On For Dear Love’ and ‘All I See Is Gold’ do not give enough variety and range to the album and fall short in the vocal department.

Mendler either needs to find some inspiration to write better songs or cover other artistes’ works because her songs sound the same after a while. It seems rather likely at this point that the singer might be headed down the path to nowhere.

Recommended tracks: ‘Ready Or Not’, ‘Forgot To Laugh’

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