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Cloud Atlas Official Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Golden Globe nominee for Best Original Score definitely wows with grandeur

Cloud Atlas

Text: Sherman Yang

The ‘Cloud Atlas Opening Title’ sucks you in to the world of the film with its slow build up from the plucking of the harp, gradually introducing more instruments bursting with energy and vibrancy, setting the tone for the movie. Just listening to the soundtrack alone can already give you an idea on the grandeur of the movie. You can almost imagine what the movie would be like just by listening to it.

‘Cavendish In Distress’ truly makes you feel distressed with the heart thumping beats. Adding in some whimsical sounds and changing the tempo constantly throughout, you are once again sucked into the world of the film. The track ends with no less than a dramatic drumroll and will definitely get your heart racing.

They should have bid adieu to ‘Adieu’ which really should have been left out of the soundtrack. What starts off sounding like someone’s phone alarm clock went off then transforms into random da-dums à la jaws. The constantly changing style of music in the same track just doesn’t work well on a soundtrack album. While it might have been perfect in describing the scene in the movie, the track on its own just ends up sounding confusing.

The album on the whole has a majestic sound and the orchestral elements fill it with grandeur. Possibly a soundtrack of epic proportions in drawing the viewer deeper into the movie, some tracks without visuals to back up sadly fall short.

Director Tom Tykwer, who also composed the soundtrack together with Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek, has definitely done a brilliant job in creating the ambience and setting for the film. It is little wonder that trio was nominated for Best Original Score for Cloud Atlas in the 2013 Golden Globes

Recommended tracks: ‘Cloud Atlas Opening Title’, ‘Cavendish In Distress’

Rating: 4/5

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