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Cody Simpson – Paradise

The young YouTuber fails to impress with debut full-length album

Cody Simpson

Text: Sherman Yang

Cody Simpson is one of the many YouTube talents that were discovered. At the tender age of 15, Paradise is Cody’s first full-length studio album.

Lead single ‘Got Me Good’ has a catchy refrain but falls flat in all other areas. The simple tune and forgettable lyrics make the song a fun but lacklustre pop track.

The feature of Becky G in ‘Wish U Were Here’ sounds oddly like another collaboration with Nicki Minaj (mainly because of Becky G’s rap). The track does however manage to intrigue the listener with its familiar tune and fun beats.

Title track ‘Paradise’ could be associated with a Paradise in the sense that one is laying on the beach sipping a cocktail and the song is playing in the bar (albeit mainly unnoticed).

‘Hello’ thankfully has a more upbeat tempo and a catchy chorus. The backing beats and the arrangement make the song a more fun track begging you to sing along, “hello, hello, hello…”

Similarly, ‘Be The One’ has great backing beats. The several autotuned portions actually work well in this case, giving the song a more electronic and dance feel. With a little remixing, this track could be one for the dance floors.

Overall, Cody’s voice fails to impress and the album lacks the wow factor to make it stand out. The mediocre vocals accompanied with the simplistic arrangements result in what sounds like and album fit for background music, soothing but forgettable.

Recommended tracks: ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘Hello’

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Rating: 2/5

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