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Conor Maynard – Contrast

The MTV Brand New 2012 winner attempts to break into the US Market

Conor Maynard

Text: Sherman Yang

The 20-year-old Conor Maynard collaborates with Rita Ora in ‘Better Than You’ -- both of whom co-wrote the track with several others -- on his debut album Contrast. The track has electronic and dubstep elements. Both singers are relatively new in the music scene and seem to be heading in a similar musical direction.

‘Turn Around’, which features Ne-Yo, has great beats and overall production but sadly sounds like your typical Ne-Yo song. One would think that if you featured another artist on your album, the track would still retain most of your own styles. This track sadly sounds like it belongs more on a Ne-Yo album

If you’re a party animal then you’d love ‘Animal’, which goes all out with the synthesizer; the only problem with the track is the fact that a young 20 year old is singing such masochistic-sounding lyrics.

‘Vegas Girl’ begins with a blaring sound that would make you think your speakers are wonky. The track then morphs into another dubstep track made for the dancefloor. Throwing in big names like Keri (Hilson), Rihanna, Queen B (Beyonce) and Alicia (Keys), Maynard makes the song fun and catchy. See if you get some of the not-so-subtle humour like “Forget your name like Rihanna”.

Despite his pretty boy looks, Maynard’s sound is much more mature and the tunes are more grown-up party tunes than teenybopper pop. A classic example of “don’t judge a book by its cover”, Connor really surprised with his debut album. With looks that reminds us of Justin Bieber and sounds that remind us of Justin Timberlake, it’s a wonder he isn’t a Justin too.

Recommended tracks:  ‘Better Than You’, ‘Glass Girl’, ‘Vegas Girl’

Rating: 3.5/5

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