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Dropkick Murphys – Signed And Sealed In Blood

The boys are back and they’re looking for trouble

Dropkick Murphys

Text: Sherman Yang

The band really knows how to make a grand opening with ‘The Boys Are Back’ which literally screams “the boys are back and they’re looking for trouble”. With the bagpipe giving it a tinge of Irish flavour, the track is a punk rock anthem that warns you of Dropkick Murphy’s return.

‘The Season’s Upon Us’ is practically an anti-Christmas song with lyrics that insult almost every single family member you can think of. The use of the accordion gives the song an added punch making the track even catchier. You might actually find yourself singing along after a while. Just make sure none of your family can hear you.

The album finishes off with ‘End Of The Night’ which is about not wanting to go home even though the night is over. The track is kind of apt seeing as how we don’t want the album to end. The repetitive chorus however does tend to get a little irritating after listening to it a few times making you want to scream, “I heard you the first time you said it!”

The band uses a plethora of interesting instruments from bouzoukis (who’s even heard of that) to mandolins and even a banjo on ‘Rose Tattoo’. Not your conventional punk rock band instruments, it gives the band a more unique sound and makes the tracks more interesting.

On the whole, the album is an unexpected find. The intriguing use of instruments gives the album a blend of punk and folk. Hints of Irish influence can also be found throughout. The general sound gives you a feel of a rowdy bar with guys and their huge mugs of beer.

Recommended tracks: ‘The Boys Are Back’, ‘The Season’s Upon Us’

Rating: 3/5

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