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Elton John vs. Pnau – Good Morning to the Night

Elton John’s work gets remixed into gleeful wonky pop in this album from the band under his much-publicised apprenticeship



Text: Shah Salimat

Pnau are one lucky band. The Australian dance music duo had a chance to rework many of their mentor Elton John's songs from the early 70s for this sadly-labeled remix album, for the 8 tracks here are anything but too simple to be labeled as remixes. Experimental sampling goes into overdrive here, with minute splices over soaring synths for some delightful and respectful dance pop.

'Sad' uses the refrain from Elton John's 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word' in an unpredictable but addictive choral hook and title track 'Good Morning to the Night' is a trippy club-banger that still retains the cosmic disco sheen of the 70s. By dissecting and sampling Elton's songs, Pnau not only have blurred the original work but have added a modern relevancy with the respect to Elton's work kept intact.

Mid-album, a spacey mode takes over with the ominous slow jam 'Telegraph To The Afterlife' with echoes of Hello littering the chorus. 'Phoenix' contains a heady nine samples from Elton's songs but the final result is an effortless groovy beat that does not feel out of place in the charts. The crescendos in 'Sixy' are as intoxicating as they are riveting and melancholic.

Five remixes of 'Sad' and 'Good Morning to the Night' cap off the album but sound degenerate in their interpretation of Elton's work, almost as if to create a superficial mockery of the beauty Pnau have created. That is why this is not a remix album. Good Morning to the Night is just an amalgamation of happy thoughts and footsteps from two mischievous boys and a mentor who played his cards right.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommended Tracks: Good Morning to the Night, Black Icy Stare, Karmatron

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