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Girls’ Generation – I Got A Boy

The girls return triumphantly with latest album

Girls' Generation

Text: Joelle Chong

When Girls’ Generation made their return with title track and what sounded like a scattered anthem ‘I Got A Boy’ on their fourth studio album I Got a Boy, they baffled and surprised many. Is that one song or made up of a number of songs (think SHINee’s ‘Sherlock’)?

Ditching their cute and sexy image for a more hip-hop style, Girls’ Generation’s ‘I Got a Boy’ may not be the group’s best song to date, but it retains the catchy hook that can be found in most of the girls’ titular tracks.

Listening to the song while watching the music video made things worse, because the girls changed a style each time the track changes its melody; but listen to just the track itself repeatedly and you’ll find yourself rocking to the strong beat and belting out “I got a boy” in a matter of seconds.

‘Dancing Queen’, the remake of Duffy’s ‘Mercy’ which was recorded in 2008, preserves the bluesy feel of the song and showcases the vocal versatility of the Girls’ Generation members. Follow-up track ‘Baby Maybe’, partly composed by English singer-songwriter Pixie Lott, is an upbeat track which spotlights vocalist Jessica’s sweet vocals during the chorus.

Ballad ‘Promise’ has a nice R&B touch which reminds us of K-Pop in the 90s, easily making it our favourite tune from the album. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Tiffany finally get their share of limelight as the group’s best vocalists in duet ‘Lost in Love’, which starts off really slow before the duo’s voices weave together intricately and beautifully, bringing listeners one of Girls’ Generation’s best tracks to date.

Despite having several misses -- fast-tempo tracks ‘Talk Talk’ and ‘Look at Me’ lost us after the first minute -- Girls’ Generation’s latest release definitely makes the 14-month wait worth it for their fans.

Recommended tracks: ‘I Got A Boy’, ‘Promise’, ‘Lost in Love’

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Rating: 4

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