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Green Day - ¡Dos!

The follow up to the hit album ¡Uno! is finally here!


Text: Sherman Yang

Green Day’s ¡Dos! starts off weirdly with ‘See You Tonight’ a slow number with just guitar and vocals. ‘Baby I’ll See You Tonight’ repeats almost too much throughout the one-minute track. However, you might admire Green Day’s cheekiness once it transitions smoothly into the second track on the album, ‘F*** Time’.

‘Makeout Party’ is as the title says, about partying and making out. With brilliant guitar riffs, supercharged drum beats and Billie Joe’s vocals, the track is energetic and upbeat and will start to grow on you. The tracks not-so-subtle lyrics might get stuck in your head, especially the refrain.

‘Wild One’ and ‘Stray Heart’ are slower punk-rock tracks with the latter being the albums lead single. A nice break from all the hard pumping tracks on the album, these two tracks are the more easy-listening tracks to start your day unlike some of the other harder hitting tracks on the album.

The track ‘Lady Cobra’ is named after one of the lead singers of the band Mystic Knights of the Cobra (MKotC) whose vocals are featured on the track ‘Nightlife’. ‘Nightlife’ has a rather different sound from Green Day’s normal work. With Lady Cobra having some spoken verses as well as a rap, the track is a funky experiment that somehow manages to work.

You might want to tune down the volume down a notch after ‘Nightlife’, because ‘Wow! That’s Loud’ really starts of comparatively louder with amazing guitar solos and an intriguingly psychedelic riff.

On the whole, the album is a mixture of hits and misses. Perhaps the anticipation for the album after listening to ¡Uno! has made this album a tad disappointing. With material that’s not very memorable and some songs that sound like they were just album fillers, ¡Dos! falls short of expectations.

Recommended tracks: ‘Makeout Party’, ‘Stray Heart’, ‘Nightlife’

Rating: 3/5

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