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Greyson Chance - Truth Be Told, Part 1

The American singer releases a five-track EP of what sounds like the same song repeated five times

Greyson Chance

2 stars

Text: Sherman Yang

Fifteen-year-old Greyson Chance’s latest five-track EP Truth Be Told, Part 1 is perhaps a good album to listen to while you stay in bed on a rainy day, although the generally slow pace and small vocal range may make it a tad boring.

Opening track ‘Sunshine & City Lights’ is emotional with moving lyrics. With a soothing melody and its bevy of extended tail notes, the song is one which you can close your eyes and relax to.

‘Leila’ is about being in a relationship with non-other than… Leila (you don’t have to be a genius to figure that out.) Listening to a 15-year-old sing a song about being in love and professing it just somehow seems wrong.

‘Take My Heart’ is another love song about not being able to give the girl riches but rather something more priceless, his heart. Similarly, Greyson fails to make the song believable, as his tender voice is a mismatch from the lyrics. With all the love songs on the album, it leads one to wonder if perhaps he’s got a crush on someone (maybe it’s Leila).

The saving grace is that Chance co-wrote all five tracks on the album which is at least a nod towards his composing talent, though that could also be the reason for some of the cheesy and literal lyrics.

Recommended tracks: ‘Sunshine & City Lights’

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