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Imagine Dragons – Night Vision

Imagine Dragons release their first full-length studio album

Imagine Dragons

Text: Sherman Yang

Indie rock band Imagine Dragons kick-start their first full-length studio album well with a powerful anthem that makes you want to scream along. The bass heavy ‘Radioactive’ is definitely a track you will bang your head along to. The song was also featured on their earlier EP Continued Silence. Several other tracks can also be found on their various EPs.

‘It’s Time’ was nominated in the 2012 MTV VMAs for Best Rock Video. The song has a funky mandolin intro and was featured in the trailers for Perks Of Being A Wallflower as well.

While it is not a bad-sounding track, ‘On Top Of The World’ sounds too plain with overly repetitive backing tunes that makes the track seem to go on forever.

‘Hear Me’ opens with heavy bass beats before starting with a slower more mellow verse, picking up pace slowly bursting into a catchy chorus. You’ll be singing along to the track before you know it. If you heard it at a concert, we are sure you’d be jumping along as well.

Starting off with a depressing tone, ‘Bleeding Out’ quickly turns into yet another party track with what seems to be their signature heavy bass beats. The overall track production is brilliant with a mix of guitar, drums and synthesizers which is sure to make crowds go wild.

On the whole, the album is filled with bass heavy tracks that would make festival crowds go insane. With great-sounding tracks, Imagine Dragons’ first studio album looks set to launch the band into the mainstream scene. It is of note however that most of the better sounding tracks came from their earlier EPs like Continued Silence. There are also some really out of place sounding tracks like ‘Underdog’ which sounds completely disjoint from the album.

Recommended tracks: Radioactive, It’s Time, Hear Me

Rating: 3.5/5

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