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Karen Mok – Somewhere I Belong

The singer brings something new to an album of jazz compilations

Karen Mok

Text: Joelle Chong

Hong Kong-based singer/actress Karen Mok is definitely in her element following her latest English release Somewhere I Belong, a compilation of jazzy tunes and a couple of Chinese songs. The album is one suitable for a night of champagne, relaxation and lazing around.

One song fast enough for you to foxtrot along to is Karen’s rendition of ‘A Fine Romance’, a swing-inspired track, redone with an extra zest of jazz, and which we absolutely adore because it shows what a strong vocalist the singer actually is.

While the jazz numbers can prove to be sleep-inducing after a while, Karen can sing without a doubt. Her vocals shine through the soft and simple background accompaniment and keep your attention indefinitely throughout the entire album.

What sets Somewhere I Belong apart from other jazz albums is the addition of oriental elements in a couple of songs including that of ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’.

The George Harrison song is given a new leash of life with the extra guzheng (Chinese zither-like instrument) touch, which surprisingly is performed by Karen herself. The end result of the new take is a track that is both welcoming and fresh, and easily makes it our favourite track on the entire album.

Overall, while Somewhere I Belong has a couple of hits and misses when it comes to song selection, there is no mistake Karen’s rich vocals make up for all that it has missed.

Recommended tracks: ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’, ‘A Fine Romance’, ‘Shanghai Night’

Rating: 3

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