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Kim Hyun Joong – Unlimited (Limited edition)

This album seems like a lackluster effort and we can’t wait for his Korean comeback

Kim Hyun Joong

Text: Joelle Chong

After releasing a mini Japanese album, pretty boy idol Kim Hyun Joong returned to acting, participating in the upcoming Korean drama City Conquest. On Dec 12, the singer put out his first full-length Japanese studio album Unlimited, which included most of the songs from his previous two Japanese singles.

‘Your story’, the title track on the album, is a rock song with elements of country and folk. Having once been in a band, it seems like Hyun Joong has little problems controlling the song and that his vocals even fitted the genre of the track perfectly.

‘I’m Your Man’ stands out from the rest of the songs, because it is the only heart-wrenching ballad on the album. The love song opens typically with the piano, with the strings acting as sub-accompaniment. Hyun Joong crooning emotionally to the melody is bound to set many a heart fluttering.

Other tracks on the album included the Japanese versions of Hyun Joong’s previously released Korean songs such as ‘Lucky Guy’, ‘Break Down’ and ‘Kiss Kiss’. Worthy of a mention is ‘Marry Me’, which reminds us of the 27-year-old’s acoustic roots and how we wish he would play the guitar for us again.

A pity the album is one of remakes and new songs are scarce; Hyun Joong could have done better, had he spent more time on album production. With word that he will be making a Korean comeback, we look forward to what the singer-actor can offer next.

Recommended tracks: Your Story, I’m Your Man, Marry Me

Rating: 3

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