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Kim Kyu Jong - Meet Me Again

A perfect shout-out to his fans to meet him again after army duties in two years’ time

Kim Kyu Jong

4 stars

Text: Wenting Ang

Before leaving for the mandatory enlistment, SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong released his second mini-album, Meet Me Again, dedicated to his fans.

Using the title song ‘Precious One’ to express his gratitude and love to his fans, Kyu Jong’s emotional rendition through his soothing voice could almost move the listener to tears. The melody, using a simple arrangement of strings and keyboard sounds, adds to the melancholy of the track.

The only faster-paced track in this mini-album, ‘One Luv,’ features Mighty Mouse’s Shorry J.’s powerful rap which is juxtapose to Kyu Jong’s smooth and calming singing voice. The song also features C-Luv’s vocals; combining with Kyu Jong’s to give a flawless harmonization in the track. The fanciful melody helps the track to stand out in the midst of the two ballad tracks offered in this release.

Written by Kyu Jong, a twinkling music-box melody opens the last song of the album, ‘Thank You’. Kyu Jong’s soulful voice brought across his gratitude towards his fans with the addictive yet heart-warming chorus that repeatedly sings “Thank you/I’m blessed/Because you‘re here/ Thank You/I’m blessed/You’re so precious to me”. Concluding the album, this track holds a special meaning to Kyu Jong’s fans -- ThanKYU -- as it features some of their voices in the last chorus, singing along with him.

It seems quite a pity to have only three tracks on this album seeing that it is of such high quality; every song is able to stand on its own as a title track.

Recommended tracks: Precious One, One Luv, Thank You

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