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Kylie Minogue – The Abbey Road Sessions

Same old songs, brand new sounds

Kylie Minogue

3.5 stars

Text: Sherman Yang

We all remember the dance tracks that Kylie is well known for, but what happens when you remove the backing dance beats and put in an orchestra? You get Kylie’s latest album The Abbey Road Sessions, which celebrates her 25-year singing career.

From her first ever single ‘Locomotion’ released in 1987 (there’s a funky dance that went along with it too) to new single ‘Flower’, Kylie proves that she is not just capable of dance tracks but has the vocals to match too.

The album kicks off with ‘All The Lovers’ and despite a few awkward tweaks to the song, the track is still a good start, mixing up the upbeat tempo with the orchestra to ease people into the album which is a vast difference from Kylie’s usual releases.

If you thought you have had enough of the worldwide number one hit ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’, Kylie starts off with the sounds of the strings slowly building up with the rest of the orchestra coming in. The raw sounds of her vocals coupled with soothing string instruments give the song a more romantic feel.

‘Come Into My World’ is a daring move as Kylie performs with just the piano and back-up vocals. She might not have the most powerful voice, but the emotion that comes through the song will make you appreciate the track even more. 

However, the remake of ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ comes off as way too creepy and borders being a song for a stalker. The track should have been left on the floors of “Mambo Jambo” where it at least still brought some life into people.

On the whole, the album is an enjoyable change from the Kylie we have all grown to be comfortable with. However, some of the tracks should have been left as they were originally.

Recommended tracks: ‘All The Lovers’, ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’, ‘Come Into My World’

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