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Leona Lewis – Glassheart

Leona Lewis joins in the dubstep bandwagon with some heart-breaking tracks

Leona Lewis

Text: Sherman Yang

Title track ‘Glassheart’ is something you probably wouldn’t have expected from Leona Lewis, who is well known for her amazing vocal range and powerful ballads. The track incorporates several dubstep elements which is becoming more popular in today’s pop music scene. As the title suggests, the track is about having a glass heart and the fear that her boyfriend would break it. With the dubstep breaks as well as house beats, Leona finally has a track that doesn’t need to be remixed for the dance floor.

‘Fireflies’ kicks off with a simple repetitive piano riff which can be heard throughout the track. The orchestra then chimes in when the chorus approaches. Leona also shows of her famous soprano vocals towards the end of the track with amazing high notes.

Another track with a heavy electronic sound is ‘Come Alive’. The track incorporates breakbeat, dubstep and drum and bass making it stand out in the album. While the lyrics are much simpler, the overall production of the track somehow manages to find a good blend between electronic sounds and that of Leona’s vocals.

Experimentation with new musical styles and directions doesn’t always work as proven in this album with some bizarrely put together tracks like ‘Favourite Scar’ which is shockingly co-written and produced by Ryan Tedder (One Republic). The track combines so many different elements that it seems out of this world; not to mention the horrendous backing keys that chime throughout the track attempting to send you into a trance.

The album on the whole is a mix of hits and misses. Filled with songs about heartbreak, Leona’s venture into electronic music and experimentations with dubstep just confuses the listener and detracts from her identity and hides her amazing vocal talent.

Recommended tracks:  Glassheart, Fireflies, Come Alive

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Rating: 3

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