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Life of Pi OST

This beautifully-crafted soundtrack brings back memories of the movie and makes you want to watch it all over again

Life of Pi OST

Text: Joelle Chong

If you thought the movie Life of Pi was a masterpiece, some of that credit should be given to its soundtrack.

Introducing the album is ‘Pi’s Lullaby’, a Hindi song with a soothing melody. The slow, rhythmic use of percussions gives the track a lazy and somewhat serene feeling, while woodwind instruments and the zither added layers to the song, bringing the tune to its climax. Opening the soundtrack with this song seems apt, as it reminds one of the rising sun and morning calm.

The one-minute ‘Pondicherry’ leaves a strong impression because of its uplifting melody, which uses the waltz’s signature 3/4 beat, in between two songs that are relatively “darker” in comparison.

Nonetheless, compliments should be given to the Mychael Danna-produced soundtrack for its addition of many oriental sounds, especially during the first part of the album, where the main character was still living in India.

Changes in musical style transition subtly but smoothly, when the tunes take a more westernised turn in ‘Leaving India’ and ‘The Deepest Spot on Earth’. Brass and string instruments take on more prominent roles, giving the melodies a more dramatic colour.

Excitement heightens further in ‘Pi and Richard Parker’ as the danger is underlined with a repetitive chiming underneath the tune of a flute, while mystery is highlighted in ‘I’m Ready Now’ as the music switches between loud and soft, as if emulating the main character’s fear and uncertainty, which diminishes over time as the melody turns stronger and he declares he is “ready now”.

All in all, if you liked the movie Life of Pi, you would surely love this album too.

Recommended tracks: Pi’s Lullaby, Skinny Vegetarian Boy, Tiger Training

Rating: 4/5

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