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New Order – Lost Sirens

The band releases album with material recorded prior to their breakup in 2007

New Order

Text: Sherman Yang

New Order’s reunion release comprises of tracks previously recorded but unreleased. The material was recorded during the production of their previous album, Waiting For The Sirens’ Call, prior to their breakup in 2007.

The album starts off beautifully with ‘I’ll Stay With You’. With a simple melody and meaningful lyrics, the track is a rare find on a rather lacklustre album

‘Sugarcane’ has a strong bass sound holding the song together allowing the rest of the band to float around a bit more. The track is fun-sounding and would get you bobbing along to. The instrumentation in the track showcases the true talent of the band especially the bassist, Peter Hook, who sadly did not reunite with the band. ‘Recoil’ on the other hand turns into a repetitive instrumental barely two minutes for another three more minutes.

‘Shake It Up’ opens well with ethereal synth sounds before picking up the tempo. The track definitely shakes things up slightly in the album giving it a fresh burst of energy. The monotonous vocals however tends to become a drone on the ears midway through the track.

On the whole the album lacks a serious punch that makes it memorable. While the tunes are generally all right, the overall production results in a snoozefest.

Rating: 2.5

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