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Peter Pan - Listen to Clock

The Taiwanese singer makes his return to the music scene after three years

Peter Pan

4 stars

Text: Joelle Chong

Three years of hiatus proves to be a good rest for Taiwanese singer Peter Pan, who makes a very strong return with his latest album Listen to Clock.

Title song ‘Kan Jian Na Dao Guang’ is a pop rock track, and we absolutely love the guitar-plucking, which gives the song its playful personality. The noise of a crowd in the background music also lets the listener imagine he is in the middle of a rock concert.

Follow-up song ‘Zhen’ is an emotional ballad and the simple melody puts focus on Peter’s singing as he conveys the heartache in the song to the very best. The apt use of silence at certain times in the song gives it a dramatic effect, and the addition of the timpani drums at the end brings the track to its climax before closing off softly.

‘Fen Shou Jing Xing Qu’, translated as “the breakup march”, ironically uses ‘Wedding March’ to open and close the song, despite its lyrics describing a breakup. The piano ballad is supported with the snare drum in the background, giving the track some depth, but the metallic sound may have disrupted the sad emotions in the song at times.

The bubbly and uplifting ‘Deng Bu Ji Qu Ai’ is a song suitable for those looking forward to falling in love; while Peter’s cheeky performance of ‘Tang Zhe Ye Zhong Qiang’ reminds us of Hong Kong singer Eason Chen.

Listen to Clock is an album with an eclectic mix of songs, and is one you would not want to miss; especially ballads such as ‘Huai Jiu’ and ‘Kang Fu’, which are masterpieces that will touch the listeners’ hearts.

Recommended tracks: ‘Kan Jian Na Dao Guang’, ‘Fen Shou Jing Xing Qu’, ‘Shen Me Dou De Zi Ji Xue Hui’

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