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Rascal Flatts – Changed

Country stars Rascal Flatts have changed

Rascal Flatts

Text: Sherman Yang

Title & opening track ‘Change’ starts off laid back and is an easy way to begin the album declaring ‘here I am.. changed’. The country vocals together with the musical arrangements set the tone for the album. You can expect more of the same brilliant vocal harmonies throughout the album.

Known for writing songs about love in some form or other like their previous hit ‘What Hurts The Most’, this album also comes with plenty of such songs.

Heart-breaking track ‘Let It Hurt’ brilliantly showcases the vocal prowess of the trio. The piano ballad is emotionally charged and tells us to ‘let it hurt, let it bleed’ because nothing is going to change if you hold the pain. Listen out towards the end as they hit some amazing high notes as well.

‘Come Wake Me Up’ is another beautifully arranged which builds up the emotions slowly in the verse before exploding into the chorus. Together with the beautifully written lyrics, the song which features fellow country singer Jill Johnson has harmonies which would blow you away. Listen to them belt out the chorus while at the same time maintaining full vocal control.

There are some tracks on the album however, that sound real fun and happy but don’t expect to dig under the surface of the song as you mind end up finding it a tad silly. ‘Banjo’ is one such example which the band apparently got inspiration from when they were getting directions to lead singer Gary LeVox’s home (the directions included “you go and you go and you go … till you hear a banjo”). With such an inspiration, it’s no wonder the fun sounding track does indeed sound silly.

Recommended tracks: ‘Let It Hurt’, ‘Come Wake Me Up’, ‘Changed’

Rating: 3.5/5

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