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Son Dambi – Dripping Tears

The Korean singer misses a note with her latest release

Son Dam Bi

2.5 stars

Text: Joelle Chong

Korea’s sexy diva Son Dambi announces her comeback to the music scene after two years of hiatus with her latest mini album Dripping Tears.

Opening the album with a fierce start is the aptly-titled 46-second introduction track ‘Return’, where the 29-year-old sings “It’s been a long time, I know what you want. I know that you want me, just watch me shine”.

But alas, shine she did not.

Title track ‘Dripping Tears’ is an R&B pop dance track infused with synthetic elements. While it takes less than a minute to have the listener bop along, the track sounds like a lethargic and boring remake of Brown Eyed Girls’ 2008 song ‘How Come’ overall. On the other hand, the G. Remix version of the song -- which retains only a slight R&B flavor -- has more personality and oomph.

Dance tracks ‘It looks that way’ and ‘Emergency Call’ may be party tracks, but are easily forgettable and is nowhere as catchy as the singer’s past hits including ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Crazy’.

Despite two years in the making, Dripping Tears is a major disappointment, although the ballad ‘I Want To Love’ may be its saving grace.

‘I Want To Love’ opens daintily with piano chimes as Dambi croons of hopes in marriage. The simple melody is enhanced with percussion and stringed instruments as it reaches a climax during the chorus, bringing forth the emotions behind the singer’s voice as she wonders with regret what would have happen if she had married her lover.

Recommended tracks: Dripping Tears (G. Remix version), I Want To Love

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