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Yang Yoseob – The First Collage

The BEAST main vocalist’s debut solo album steps away from the group’s usual musical style and finds a place of its own

Yang Yoseob – The First Collage

Yang Yoseob – The First Collage

Text: Joelle Chong

Who better to produce Korean boy band BEAST’s main vocalist Yang Yoseob’s solo debut EP The First Collage than group mate Yong Junhyung? The former is, after all, Junhyung’s muse -- they first collaborated on the duet ‘Thanks To’.

Title track ‘Caffeine’ is reminiscent of BEAST’s ‘darker’ songs such as ‘Fiction’, but Yoseob gives the guitar-led track his own treatment. This is one song that fully makes use of the singer’s vocal range and many compliments should be given to its producer Junhyung, who is also featured on the song.

While ‘Look At Me’ is Yoseob’s declaration to listeners to see him as a solo singer (much like Jo Kwon’s ‘I’m Da One’), ‘Just Do As You Always Did’ reminds us of autumn (the kind of weather where you pine for someone), with beautifully crafted and intricately woven orchestral background music.

The R&B track ‘Even Then, I’ is infused with elements of blues and jazz and is the kind of music genre that Yoseob’s smooth vocals thrive in. The lounge music is most enjoyable with a glass of wine in hand and an assortment of chocolates on the side.

If we are to nitpick, the opening pitch of ‘You Don’t Know’ sounds a tad too low for Yoseob, who sounded a little flat. The cheery track has an uplifting melody and feel-good sound that will cheer the listener up on any gloomy day.

Many had high expectations for The First Collage, and Yoseob did not disappoint. However, the 22-year-old could do a lot better, if he has songs which completely utilises his full vocal range; we’re saying songs with a bigger sound, i.e. ‘On Rainy Days’.

Recommended tracks: ‘Caffeine’, ‘Even Then, I’, ‘Just Do As You Always Did’

Rating: 3.5/5

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