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Yannick Bovy - Better Man

There’s a reason why Yannick Bovy is called the Flemish Michael Bublé

Yannick Bovy

2 stars

Text: Sherman Yang

On first listen, it sounds like someone mislabelled Michael Bublé’s album and that is definitely not a good thing for your debut album.

Bovy has a similar crooner voice, sadly with a lot less depth and weight. Without a unique sound, it remains to be seen if people will be able to identify his music.

Thank goodness for track selections of mostly songs that Bublé has yet to release on his CDs and some original tracks like ‘Theoretical Love’ and ‘Better Man’. The title track ‘Better Man’, not to be confused with the Robbie Williams’ song, is about growing and trying to be the best that you can be.

The arrangement of The Beatles song ‘All My Loving’ is interesting giving a pop tune a more swing feel; perhaps an insight into Bovy’s musical direction.

On the album are some famous songs like ‘Fly Me To The Moon’, ‘L.O.V.E’ and ‘I’ve got You Under My Skin’. It is rather rare for such a young singer (he is 25) to be into this genre of music in today’s age. Singing big band songs is definitely challenging and Bovy might need a little more maturity to carry off the emotions in the songs and to match up with the original singers.

All in all, Yannick Bovy does have a good voice but unfortunately, his album sounds like a Michael Bublé copy on a sound system with a defective mid-range.

Recommended tracks: All My Loving, Better Man

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