A Slice of Life Book 3

A Slice of Life Book 3

Topics include:

Cultivating Mindfulness of the Self

Loving Yourself

Positive Self-Talk


The Biggest Delusions of Life

Achieving Mental Equanimity

Breaking Out of Depression

Dealing With Stressful Events and People

Having More With Less

Learning to Forgive Ourselves

Letting Go of Resentment

Managing Discontentment

Managing Envy

Managing Our Mistakes

Releasing Negative Emotions and Reactions

Embracing More Simplicity

Keys for Unlocking True Happiness

Deeper and More Sustainable Fulfillment

Focusing on the Possibilities

Letting Go of Hurt to Live a Life of Joy

From Coping with Change to Celebrating It

Happiness Through More Acceptance

Becoming More Aware of Death

Increasing Intrinsic Happiness


“A Slice Of Life captures life’s little ironies and much wisdom in memorable chunks. Eugene does a great job in exploring small and not so small ways we can make a positive change in ourselves and those around us. Two thumbs up!”

David Lim

Leadership Coach and Everest Expedition Leader

“With the ever increasing stress and negativity in our world today, Eugene’s ‘A Slice Of Life’ is a timely antidote for the world. The insights in this book will help you put things into the right perspective and allow you to live your life with a big smile. You can be assured that after reading this book, you won’t just be asking for a slice of life but everything that life has to give!”

Eric Feng

JC1 Ten Most Outstanding Young Persons of the World 2012

“Good books are like gems to our soul. It can increase the value of our existence to the world. Good books are also like a powerful mirror. It tells us who we are so we can perpetually evolve ourselves for the better. A Slice Of Life is a fine example!”

John Wong

Chief of BioQuantum Wellness Programs and Author of Best Seller

“Awaken Your Healing Power”

“A Slice Of Life is more than just a small slice. It dissects the very essence of life. Filled with great ideas and truths, this is one book you want to own, read... and will find hard to put down.”

Michael Podolinsky

Certified Speaking Professional and Asia’s Productivity Guru

“A Slice Of Life gives us small bite sized yet powerful insights on topics which we all face in day to day life. The tips on issues are described in the simple and realistic way just as we face it. There are

loads of solutions and offering on issues we may find hard to talk about. I am sure that everyone can find bits of inspiration by reading the pages of these books.”

Jass Malaney

Executive Coach, Trainer, Facilitator & Speaker