About Us

938LIVE (formerly NewsRadio 938) is Singapore's only English news and talk station that broadcasts round the clock with an engaging and enticing spread of programmes on current affairs, health, business and lifestyle, as well as news every half hour until midnight. The station was launched on 13th June 2005.

Our key weekday shows are:
- FRESH (6am - 10am),
- BODY AND SOUL (9am - 11am),
- LUNCH BOX (10am - 2pm),
- AFTERNOON TEA (2pm - 5pm),
- ThHE X & M SHOW (5pm - 9pm), and
- NIGHTCAP (9pm - Midnight).

938LIVE music (at various times on weekdays, after midnight and on weekends) is a smooth and easy-listening mix of smooth jazz/adult-contemporary vocals and instrumentals. If you have comments or questions e-mail our Music Director.

If you have news to share, please call News Hotline: 68 22 22 68.