Flood crisis deepens in Australia's northeast

Helicopters are trying to pluck stranded residents from roofs in the Australian city of Bundaberg as fast-rising floodwaters inundate hundreds of properties. 

And while Bundaberg is expecting its worst ever flood, major inundations are also expected in other cities in the state of Queensland. 

The Australian news website added there is also a major flood crisis developing in the Lockyer Valley, where 19 lives were lost in the state's 2011 floods. 

The centre of ex-tropical cyclone Oswald was this morning near Dalby, 210 kilometres west of Brisbane, and steadily heading south. 

The storm is expected to hit northern New South Wales on Monday afternoon. 

It is expected to bring heavy rain, wind gusts in excess of 90 kilometres per hour, as well as the potential to cause widespread damage. 

Two people have been confirmed dead in the unfolding flood crisis.