HK unionists protest outside S'pore consulate over bus strike clampdown

Hong Kong's trade union body held a protest at the Singapore Consulate today. 

About 20 members of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions called on the Singapore government to reinstate the 29 drivers who've been repatriated and to drop the charges for the five who were detained. 

Scuffles broke out among the protestors, building security personnel and police, when they weren't allowed to go up to the 9th floor Consulate office at Admiralty Centre, to submit their petition letter. 

But after a short stand-off, the protestors were finally granted access. 

The labour group argued that Singapore didn't respect international labour standards that allow workers to strike and called for equal remuneration for migrant workers. 

The mainland drivers had been protesting for pay that was equal to that of their Malaysian counterparts and for better working and housing conditions. 

The group also called on the Singapore government to amend the law stipulating that workers providing essential services need to give 14 days advanced notice before striking.