Japan issues order to shoot down N. Korean missile

Japan has issued the order to shoot down a North Korean rocket if it threatens the nation's territory. 

Pyongyang announced last week that the rocket launch would take place between the 10th and 22nd of this month. 

Tokyo has readied surface-to-air missiles in and around Tokyo, as well as in Okinawa. 

It's also putting its armed forces on standby, and deploying Aegis warships in neighbouring waters. 

Kyodo News reported that UN diplomats inside and outside the Security Council have started consultations behind the scenes on what action to take if Pyongyang goes ahead with the launch. 

Meanwhile, the Asahi Shimbun said Japan, the US and South Korea have agreed to demand the UN Security Council boost sanctions on North Korea to levels that match those on Iran. 

That would include increasing the list of financial institutions, entities and individuals that are subject to asset freezes.