Meteor strike in Russia was the worst ever in terms of human casualties: report

At least 34 of the 1,000 people injured in a meteor strike in Russia have required hospitalisation. 

A report on The Guardian's website said two are apparently in intensive care. 

In terms of human casualties, Friday's meteorite strike was the worst ever reported. 

The Russian Academy of Sciences estimate the fireball that streaked over the Ural mountains weighed about 10 tonnes. 

The speed of entry was at least 54 thousand kilometres per hour and it shattered up to 50 kilometres above ground, showering meteorites that caused damage over a wide area. 

The shockwave from the fireball's supersonic passage through the atmosphere broke windows and set off car alarms. 

The collision took place as the world waited for this morning's close pass of an asteroid. 

According to the European Space Agency, no link between the two events is thought possible.