Obama lays out battle plan as he launches second term

US President Barack Obama kicked off his second term with an impassioned call for a more inclusive America. 

His ceremonial swearing-in at the US Capitol was filled with traditional pomp and pageantry. 

But it was a scaled-back inauguration compared to the historic start of his presidency in 2009 when he swept into office on a mantle of hope and change as the US's first African-American president. 

Despite expectations tempered by lingering economic weakness and a divided Washington, Mr Obama delivered a preview of the second-term priorities he intends to pursue. 

Mr Obama arrived at his second inauguration on solid footing. 

His poll numbers are up, Republicans on the defensive and his first-term record boasting accomplishments such as a US healthcare overhaul and the killing of Osama bin Laden. 

But fights are looming over budgets, gun control and immigration. 

Republicans are ready to oppose him at almost every turn and Mr Obama is still seemingly at a loss over how to engage them in deal-making.