Ruling postponed on request to move Delhi gang-rape trial

India's Supreme Court's ruling on whether the trial of five suspects for the fatal gang-rape of a student on a New Delhi bus should be moved out of the capital will resume today. 

A ruling was expected yesterday, but it was postponed. 

Defence lawyer M.L. Sharma had filed a petition on behalf of his client Mukesh Singh seeking the transfer of the case to ensure a fair trial.

He said a "ruckus" caused by other lawyers in the court had led the three-judge bench in the Supreme Court hearing the petition to delay the start of proceedings.

The five suspects, whose trial started on Monday, face murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping and other charges, with prosecutors seeking the death penalty. 

A sixth suspect is being tried in a juvenile court.

The assault has ignited street protests across India, particularly in New Delhi over the high incidence of such attacks.