Meat sellers who dupe buyers should feel  full brunt of the law: Dr Yaacob Ibrahim

Minister for Communications and Information, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, says he is shocked by reports that two meat sellers were caught for passing beef off as mutton. 

Writing on his Facebook page, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim said what they did was unethical and immoral. 

Dr Yaacob said the meat sellers should feel the full brunt of the law. 

This week, meat supplier company Basha Meat Supplier Pte Ltd was fined $4,000.

Last month, another meat supplier owner Nabisha Begum had her licence revoked and fined the maximum $5,000.

Dr Yaacob noted that Indian restaurants have been very careful in not serving beef or pork to respect the diverse religious practices within the Indian community and Singaporeans in general. 

Dr Yaacob, who is also Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs, added that the restaurants would even ensure that the meat is halal. 

He said the offenders should realise the effect of their actions and be ashamed of themselves. 

Dr Yaacob said he is confident this episode is isolated and that it does not in any way dampen the upcoming Deepavali festivities.